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Health Caps India Limited Hard Gelatin Capsules  
Company Profile & Product Details
Health Caps India Limited was incorporated in 1983 to cater to the ever increasing demand of the pharmaceutical industry for hi- quality empty hard gelatin capsules. With the objective of creating an environmental, eco friendly and a state of the art manufacturing facility with stringent quality control checks

      Product Range

      EHG Capsules
      TSE/BSE free Capsules
      HPMC Capsules
      HALAL/KOSHER Certified Capsules
      LIQUID FILL Capsules
      FISH GELATIN Capsules
      INHALATION Capsules
      METALLIC PEARL Capsules
      SLS Free Capsules
      PRESERVATIVE Free Capsules
      NATURAL COLOR Capsules
      NON - AZZO COLOR Capsules
      OVI Certified Capsules
      PRINTED Capsules

EHG Capsules

HCIL is a leading manufacturer of EHG Capsules. We manufacture 6.5 billion EHG Capsules per annual in Sizes "00" to "4" using gelatin from EDQM approved sources. We ensure quality checks at every stage and follow stringent process controls and Quality checks at every stage to ensure consistent and high quality Capsules are produced.

TSE/BSE Free Capsules

The BSE / TSE Free Gelatin is prepared under special conditions where selective bones are derived from cattle and used by the gelatin manufacturer which is supplied along with EDQM certification, This is done in order to prevent the risk of Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies and Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy.

HPMC Capsules

Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is a methylcellulose modified with a small amount of propylene glycol ether groups attached to the anhydroglucose of the cellulose.

HPMC Capsules are two-piece capsules made from cellulosic raw materials that satisfy vegetarian and cultural needs. These vegetable capsules are an attractive, all natural dosage form that retain all the advantages - easy to swallow, effectively mask taste and odor, and allow product visibility. These capsules are also starch-free, gluten-free and preservative-free, and meet the strict dietary needs of customers that choose a vegetarian lifestyle


EHG Capsules manufactured from Gelatin derived from cattle bones which have been obtained as per HALAL/ KOSHER in accordance with religious Law of each religion.

Liquid Fill Capsules

Liquid fill Capsules - enable the liquid filling of hard gelatin capsules with band sealing and without. These capsules offer a cost effective alternative to soft gelatin capsules and eliminate many of the problems associated with the liquid filling of soft capsules

  • They contain no plasticizers that can lead to the migration of the drug into the capsule shell.
  • They offer enhanced bioavailability and improved product stability
  • They are available in a range of colors and bands to give a distinct identity to your brand.
  • Suitable for hot melts, heavy slurry products, and other fills deemed difficult for softgel encapsulation.
  • No need to think about the additives such as binders often linked with tablets.
  • Visual Appeal- New approach to a conventional dosage form
  • Easier to swallow- Heavier in weight and normal conventional hard capsules.

Fish Gelatin is a derived water soluble protein made by controlled hydrolytic conversion of collagen, the protein constituent of white fibrous connective tissue from fish. Fish gelatin is made from non-ruminant material hence capsules do not pose the risk of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (bse) or transmissible spongiform.


These capsules are used to deliver medical powders to the human lung with a special device. Designed as functional capsules, Inhalation capsules contain less than 5% residue of medicine on the inner wall of the capsule, thus enhancing the efficacy of the medicine taken.


These Capsules are capsules with an elegant pearl finish. These capsules offer your products a unique cosmetic look and can serve as a product differentiator. They have gained a lot of popularity in the Nutraceutical market by reducing marketing expenses for companies as consumers begin to associate these capsules specific products segments.

SLS Free Capsules

EHG capsules manufactured without adding Sodium Lauryl Sulfate as an excipient in the formulation.


EHG Capsules manufactured with out using any additive as preservative under natural process condition.

Natural Color Capsules

Natural Color Capasules are Capsules made of with only natural colors in them mainly for the nutraceutical and food industry.


Non Azo EHG capsules are manufactured with specific food colours which do not have azo group -N=N-) as of normal food colours in order to avoid any risk of hype ractivity and allergic reactions with drugs.

OVI Certified

Organic Volatile Impurities like Di chloromethane, chloroform, Tri chloroethalene and 1,4 Dioxane are not detected in OVI CERTIFIED CAPSULES.

Printed Capsules

Variety of printing styles are offered by HEALTH CAPS for product identification, doses information. The unique identifying feature of printed capsules helps in putting checks on cross-contamination and reducing the risk of medication errors. It also acts as an anti counterfeit measure.

Linear printing style : It is non oriented printing covers upto 42º radius, perfectly aligned cap / body Messages

Circular printing style : It is oriented, provide more coverage surface area of printing for large messages , in single or double color edible printing inks, acts as brand shielding from others

Contact Details
Contact : Mr. Anuj Singh
Phone : +91-11- 25779661
Mobile : +91 - 1881 - 273637
Physical Address: H-2 3rd Floor, C-Block, Community Centre, Naraina Vihar, New Delhi, India, India-110 028
Website :
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